We’re dedicated to bringing a unique shopping experience to the pearl, where we showcase our brands and share their story on sustainability. Each month we will bring forth a brand and break down how they are helping reduce the amount of waste that the apparel industry puts forth and other practices they use to help element unnecessary waste.


Toad & Co

Designed for Good

At The Forefront

To stand out in an industry that has over a million competitors, our house brand Toad & Co has done just that. Combing both trendy and sustainable, they've been able to set the standard for a healthy, Eco-friendly clothing brand that anyone can look good in!

Not So Materialistic

From Organic cotton, Hemp to recycled and vegan fabrics, Toad & Co has substituted traditional materials used in everyday pieces to materials that help reduce the amount chemicals and pesticides used in other manufactures.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As the consumer evolves, so does Toad. By replacing traditional shipping methods to a reusable shipper that reduces mailing waste, its returned to the shipping facility for use on other orders that Toad receives opting into it. Don’t want to? They still use cardboard boxes and recycled paper mailers so don’t sweat it!

reNEWed Apparel

When the time comes to depart from some of our favorite Toad pieces due to some holes, zipper busters and the occasional missing button from eating that last piece of pie, Toad has a created a partnership with Renewal Workshop to give your favorite pieces a second chance! If for some reason they are beyond saving, they’ll help re-purpose the fabrics used towards other clothing!