Currently Channeling | The Sandlot August 15 2014

Baseball, denim, throwback tees, and sneakers, these are a few of our favorite things. So when we got the Shwood Canby Slugger set and PF Flyers in stock, we instantly were inspired to recreate the look seen in The Sandlot (not so coincidentally one of our favorite movies). 

Shwood's Canby Slugger Select set

In honor of 130 years of baseball, Shwood teamed up with Louisville Slugger to celebrate American craftsmanship's involvement in the sport. Only 200 sets were handmade, using USA grown ash wood that was harvested in New York. The glasses feature the iconic paint dipped detail Slugger uses for their bats on each of the legs. Each box contains a baseball card, glasses case, the Canby Sluggers, and half of a bat (the other half was used to make said sunnies).

PF Flyers

As you may remember, these All-American classics were the essential component for Benny "The Jet" when he saves the Babe Ruth ball from the notorious junk yard dog. Don't remember? Check out the scene below!

"You're killing me smalls!"

On Charlie: Shwood Canby Slugger Select set, LVC 1950's sports tee, Naked and Famous Dirty Fade jeans, PF Flyers The Sandlot shoes.

On Ashley: Fetch Eyewear Felix glasses, LVC 1950's sports tee, Naked and Famous The Straight jean, PF Flyers Center Hi shoes.

"Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong."