Black Friday | Little Boxes November 21 2012

This year Lizard Lounge is doing Black Friday a little different.

On top of offering 20%+ off the entire store, we, along with 170+ other small businesses, are teaming up with Little Boxes for their second annual city-wide shopping event.

So how does it all work?
By visiting any of the participating stores Friday-Saturday, you are instantly eligible to fill out a raffle ticket.  Visit 20 stores, get 20 raffle tickets. Sounds pretty good to us!

But wait, we're just getting started...
When you make a purchase at a store you get a stamp on your map. The more stamps you collect the more bonus tickets you get:

1 stamp = 10% off all participating stores
4 stamps = 15 tickets
8 stamps = 20 tickets
12 stamps = 30 tickets

90 prizes are being raffled off from iPads, shopping sprees, gift cards, services, etc...  For the full list visit here. It's seriously worth checking out.

For more information on how to play visit

Good luck this Black Friday and may the odds be ever in your favor.