First Thursday | April 2012 May 03 2012

It's finally Spring here in Portland, which also means it's officially First Thursday season.  For those unfamiliar with the occasion, First Thursday is an art walk located in the Pearl district held on, you guessed it, the first Thursday of every month.

This month's artist was our very own employee, Ashley Conde and her two friends, Sara Cross and Ellen Webber.  The featured photographs are a self portrait series of the individual artists depicting their personal reflections and different life stages.

Below: Men's buyer Bob Davis with photographer Ashley Conde

If you were in attendance then your ears were lucky enough to have experienced Chris Price and Shane Alexander.

Weren't able to make it this time (or you just want some more)? You can check out their websites:

10% of all sales during April's first Thursday went to Creative Commons, an organization that promotes creative reuse of copyright. 
For more information please visit:

We'd like to thank our friends at Widmer Brothers and Koi Fusion.

For more photos of the event, check out our Facebook.
(Photos courtesy of Boone Rodriguez)