Port St. Willow | Holiday January 24 2013

It still feels like winter in Portland and our favorite cold weather record right now is Holiday, the first full length album by Port St. Willow, aka Nick Principe. A follow up to the project’s first EP, Even//Wasteland (2010), Holiday was recorded over the course of a year at Principe’s Portland studio. Full of falsetto, guitar echoes, driving percussion and layers of ambient sound, Holiday accomplishes as much intrigue in the swells as it does in the empty spaces. Written, recorded and produced by Principe, the album represents all that is good in the DIY Portland music scene. It's the perfect record to take with you on a winter escape to the Oregon coast. 

Principe describes the album as meditative, “Holiday is a love record to no one. A recognition of an ending, and an awakening of the self - unarmored and honest.”  The digital album is available to download on the Port St. Willow website, and the hand-stamped limited edition CD is available to order until the end of the month (images below). Listen to one of our favorite tracks on the record, "North".

First Thursday | July 2012 July 12 2012

Oh, what a week! Between the 4th and First Thursday, July started off with more than a bang from the fire works.

Art by Jason Brown and Chris Haberman.

10% off all sales during the event went to our non-profit of the month, Right Brain Initiative.  They focus their efforts in bringing back the arts to Portland public schools.  We always loved doing creative projects growing up, so we were very excited to have them!  For more information on how to get involved click here!

This month we had Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger performing and damn did they kill it!
Want even more?? 
You can find them on Facebook or check them out live again for their first all-ages show at Backspace on July 25.

Since July 5th always seems to mark the begining of Portland's summer, we were very excited to see what everyone was wearing...

We can't get enough of the vintage Hawaiian prints!

 Looks like we weren't the only paparazzi that night.

Meet the two newest members to our Lizard Lounge family:  Har Rai and Matt!

See you in August!
(Photos courtesy of Sterling Blake)

The Lonesome Billies June 07 2012

Tonight isn't the Lonesome Billies' first rodeo, at least not when it comes to playing First Thursday.

We always look forward to having them, but our excitement doubled (okay, tripled) when they told us they're releasing their new EP, "Useless Bay" this Summer!  

Below: Last year's performance. 
How could you NOT want to party with these fellas?

Just in time to provide the perfect soundtrack for any road trip, all you need now is a few friends and a paper map. Sorry Siri, you're not invited.

For more info on this self-proclaimed "band of degenerates" check out their music here,
befriend them on Facebook, AND follow them throughout their debauchery on Instagram @thelonesomebillies.

See you all tonight!

First Thursday | May 2012 May 28 2012

Even though the Summer days last longer in Portland, time seems to go by faster. That proved true when we realized it was time for May's First Thursday (we swear we just finished April's!) But as the saying goes, "time flies when you're having fun"!

As always we'd like to thank our friends at Widmer Brewing. 

Personal confession: I volunteer to work First Thursdays specifically for the Koi Fusion cart connivence. 

Celilo did not disappoint with their self described "bootgazing Indiecana, psych-folk dream pop" sound.

For more info check about upcoming shows and performances, please visit their Facebook.

This month's we featured photography duo Jeremy Pelly and Randall Garcia's work. We love the juxtaposition of the photos with the simple, geometric shapes. 

| Street Style |
Rugged Tretorns against unexpected, polished layers makes for an effortlessly cool look.

By far the cutest duo of the night! 

Oh my, bow tie. How can you not smile with some patriotic flare?

10% of this month's event went to the non-profit p:ear.
p:ear helps the homeless ages 15-24 create healthier lives and self-worth through education, art, and recreation.
For more info please visit their Facebook.

(Photos courtesy of Boone Rodriguez)